To make healthy farm-to-table cooking as seamless as possible, EatLuv is offering the foundational pantry food that can most easily and automatically transform your cooking to be more delicious and nutritious: 100% grass-fed clarified butter. Touted and appreciated as a superfood before the word ‘superfood’ even came into existence, clarified butter (also known as ghee) has been used for cooking for thousands of years across many cultures. Our grandparents taught us the traditional method of gently heating the highest quality local butter to remove the moisture and milk solids, resulting in pure butter oil that is free of lactose and very low in casein. We are using this traditional handcrafted approach to make every jar that we offer to our customers.

EatLuv’s 100% grass-fed clarified butter helps you incorporate into your diet anti-inflammatory omega-3, anti-carcinogenic CLA, and metabolism-boosting fatty acids. By cooking with EatLuv clarified butter, you’re also making fat-soluble vitamins in your food more bioavailable and absorbable. Cooking with heat-stable clarified butter also insures you are not exposing yourself to unhealthy free radicals in many vegetable oils which promote inflammation when consumed.

We have observed the strong effect that a real-foods-based pantry has toward helping people shift to a healthier diet, and we love taking part in showing you how these few simple ingredient switches can make a huge difference in revitalizing your cooking and health!

EatLuv was born out of a passion and commitment to help you eat tastier, healthier home-cooked meals with minimal effort. We strongly believe that eating should be simple and pleasurable, and that the healthiest foods are grown with care at local or regional biodynamic farms. We’re unwavering about food quality and wholesomeness; so we painstakingly research the very best sources of ingredients and we make food traditionally in ways that optimize both nutrition and taste. Knowledge is power; so we seek to constantly educate ourselves and our customers about all aspects of the local food system.

Heba Saleh
Founder + CEO

Heba Saleh is an entrepreneur, a food sourcing aficionado, and a creative at heart. She has been a local food advocate and has been delving into food and natural health over the past five years, after transitioning from a career in teaching and writing. Her passion for food, agriculture, and health was ignited after reading Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma while completing her master’s degree in English Literature and Cultural Studies. After spending countless hours researching the best sources for local wholesome foods, she helped transition her family to a farm-to-table diet, and authored a food blog and a collaborative Middle Eastern cooking website along the way.

After receiving countless inquiries about local food and cooking from both friends and strangers, she decided it wasn’t enough just to write about eating great food. She took her passion to the Founder Institute, where she graduated with a company that helps people make healthier eating choices, and cook delicious meals with the best ingredients around. The initial offering received local acclaim and appreciation.

When making clarified butter with her grandparents a few summers ago, Heba realized that many traditional ingredients and cooking practices needed reviving – so she set out to do just that with EatLuv. She is utilizing her passion for sourcing and cooking healthy foods to make the highest quality pantry ingredients accessible to more people.