“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world.” – Margaret Mead

At EatLuv, we seek to have a bigger impact by investing in causes that further our mission. We donate a percentage of our profit to a number of worthy non-profit organizations that are working on various key aspects of food ethics, food culture, and real food access. Activities of the different organizations include research on organic farming, providing support for sustainable farmers, educating consumers and farmers on healthy eating, and providing the underserved and low-income members of our community with easier access to healthy, nutrient-dense foods.

This means that your purchases on this site support the following people along the food chain in addition to yourself: the local farmers, the food artisans (that’s us!), and the people in the organizations listed below who are working towards a more equitable and more sustainable food system. We believe in the domino effect of giving — when we give to causes that support our community, we all benefit.

Wholesome Wave




Wholesome Wave is focused on increasing access to healthy, locally and regionally-grown foods to underserved areas and to populations at risk for diet-related diseases in communities across America. The organization has pioneered innovative programs including the Double Value Coupon Program (DVCP), the Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program (FVRx) and Healthy Food Commerce Investments (HFCI). DVCP allows federal benefit recipients (including those who receive SNAP/ food stamps and other vouchers) to be able to get more value when using the vouchers to purchase locally grown produce at farmers’ markets. Implemented in 25 states and DC, this program incentivizes more consumption of healthy fresh foods, and it rewards local farmers while keeping dollars flowing in each respective local economy. The FVRx Program, available in sites across 7 states and DC, enables consumers at risk for lifestyle diseases to exchange healthcare provider “prescriptions” (food recommendations) for local fresh fruit and vegetables at participating farmers’ markets. Finally, Wholesome Wave also launched HFCI, which directs capital into building and supporting infrastructure for local food distribution, like local and regional food hubs.







The Cornucopia Institute is an organic industry watchdog that publishes well-researched, independent reports on farms and corporations that claim to follow an organic or sustainable farming philosophy. Cornucopia’s mission is to “seek economic justice for the family-scale farming community.” Supported by family farmers who practice honest organic agriculture, the institute frequently challenges any inconsistencies in marketing or any messaging that makes misleading claims, whenever these practices are employed by “industrial organic” companies for example. The institute has also filed complaints with the USDA about questionable practices of larger producers as they relate to organic regulations and standards.